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Amphilophus Trimaculatus
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Amphilophus Trimaculatus (Trimac)


Amphilophus Trimaculatus – also a spectacular species from Central America – has a body shape similar to that of the Midas Cichlid. However, its design is completely different and this fish does not develop a big frontal hump. The A.Trimaculatus’ character is just as rowdily as the A. Citrinellus’ and absolutely prevailing.

A. Trimaculatus, affectionately nicknamed Trimac or rainbow cichlid, has the most beautiful colors within the Amphilophus family. With its red eye color and the pretty black splendor spots on its temples, this cichlid was used as the basis for Flower Horn hybrids. 

The Trimacs can obtain a length of up to 30 – 35 cm


Short Info:

Adult Size: 10-13 inches (25 cm / 35cm)
Tank Setup: stone, wood, lairs, large powerful filtration
Tank Size: 80 gallon (better more)
Tank Mates: Amphilophus Citrinellus, Labiatus and other strong cichlids
Diet: Omnivore, prefers live foods like insects,small fish etc
aggressiveness:  Very strong  and powerful

Other name:
Cichlasoma mojarra
my trimac

baby trimac

Feb 2005 May 2005 March 2006

old trimac

Amphilophus Food

Actually, it is possible to feed these fish almost any kind of food ranging from ordinary frost feed to dry fish food except for red larvae and beef hearts.

These cichlids like to feed off crickets, insects or small fish.

Whereas you have to keep in mind that many small fish may not receive any attention, but introduce pathogens into your tank.

sick trimac

Amphilophus Trimaculatus


Intestinal parasites, which are getting the upper hand and are sapping the fish’s energy; most frequent are malign parasites when the fish is generally stressed or when it is fed with poor feed (p.e. larvae).

In a case like that, the Flower Horn’s color darkens and it secretes white feces. In order to cure this, it may suffice to combat the cause for the stress and to feed high quality food.

Saucer eyes are caused by poor water quality. The A. Trimaculatum is very delicate regarding water charged with nitrates and phosphates.

Amphilophus Trimaculatus from central america
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