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Amphilophus Citrinellus (Midas Cichlid)

midas cichlid amphilophus citrinellus

The Midas Cichlid is a rather robust fish, which does not have any problems with the pure tap  water. It is possible to foster it in rather hard as well as in quite alkaline water. A tank size starting from 1,50 m * 0,60 m *0,60 m is appropriate for Midas Cichlids and makes it possible to keep this species.

Adult fish require more space and – according to their character – possibilities to retreat; in addition, they need view barriers in order to reduce stress. You can create frontiers and ambushes with the help of plenty of radix woods or stones. The number of fish you can keep in a tank strongly depends on the size of the tank – in a 1000 liter tank, you can keep some cichlids.

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midas cichlid amphilophus citrinellus

The Midas Cichlid is one of the most beautiful fish of Central America. In its natural environment, it exists in various colours – ranging from grey to orange. It is assumed that the yellow-coloured fish surpassed the grey because it is more aggressive – and could therefore populate the deeper areas of the rivers and thus escape the dynamite fish, which populates the waters near the banks. In a tank, the Midas Cichlid sometimes drives the owner mad because of its aggressiveness.

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Amphilophus Labiatum

 Amphilophus Labiatum (Red Devil)
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midas cichlid infopage

English Midas Cichlid Infopage

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white midas cichlid
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