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Convict and Midas Grow up tank

Aqua with Algae aqua without plants
Convict tank with algae size 1,20 m * 0,50 m * 0,60 m
1* Convict - Spirulum Hybrid , 1*  albino Convict female
Midas and Trimac grow up - aquarium size 1,20 m * 0,50 m * 0,60 m  
convict hybrid young midas
convict midas tank
midas in the woods young midas cichlid 5 cm
young flower horn my new young flower horn
My new young Flower Horn Amphilophus Trimaculatus-Mix

convict pair Humpheads
Convict Pair African Humpheads with frey
old convict cichlid Humpheads
Very old convict (R.I.P) Steatocranus casuarius

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