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growing-up oscar tank

Astronotus ocellatus tank and tanksetup

tanksize 2,50 m * 0,60 m * 0,60 m

Midas size 25 cm and Oscar 34 cm  

Oscar Aquarium Tank Oscar Cichlid and Midas Cichlid
Astronotus Ocellatus Pfauenaugenbuntbarsch Astronotus Ocellatus & Amphilophus Citrinellus
Astronotus Occellatus Oscar and midas Cichlids
aggressiv Astronotus Occellatus Cirtinellus
Two Eheim 2260 and one Eheim 2234 

Oscar tank

Oscar in 100 000 litres - 100,000 litres Amazon tank shots

Water Turtle - Water Turtle Pictures of Trachemys scripta, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Mata Mata ... 

All pictures by R.D.

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