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Oscar Cichlid ( Astronotus Ocellatus ) Information

Astronotus Ocellatus

The Oscar Cichlid or Oscar fish is not the same as Flower Horn breedings. Originally, this fish comes from South America, p.e. from the River Rio Negro; in its original habitat, the Oscar Cichlid swims through the underwoods searching for food. In recent times however, you can find this giant fish in Central America as well; it was set adrift because of its savoury meat.

In a tank, these fish come to trust a person quite easily. With a size of approximately 15 inch, the Oscar is not one of the small tank fish. Despite this fact, the Oscar Cichlid is absolutely popular as a pet fish. Numerous aquarium guide books and journals present you with a lot of information and articles on these fresh water kings.  

Flower Horn in seperate tanks

The Oscar is quite easy to socialize with small South Americans or with Cichlid that are not too aggressive. This fish rather even-tempered when it is advanced in age and wants to be let alone – young Oscars, in contrast, grow very rapidly and are quite gruff against each other.

One of my Oscars, for example, was out for its brother all the time – even though the brother was seeking refuge underneath a radix – in order to scrape the scales off its back! The best solution is to keep a harmonizing pair in a large tank.

Oscar  Tanksetup

The ideal tank offers enough space for at least one pair of Oscars, i.e. from  2 m * 0,60 m * 0,60 m onwards, with a lot of grit and radix composition so that the pet fish do not get bored. Oscar love to catch their food at the water surface, this is why the lighting should not be too strong.

Red Oscar

Oscar Food

Actually, it is possible to feed these fish almost any kind of food ranging from ordinary frost feed to dry fish food except for red larvae and beef hearts. These cichlids like to feed off crickets, insects or small fish. Whereas you have to keep in mind that many small fish may not receive any attention, but introduce pathogens into your tank.


Poor water quality may lead to small holes forming on the animals’ heads. In addition, these holes will grow on and on. One of my Oscars showed a beginning HIS when it was living in water which did not contain enough mineral compounds. Another factor was that the Oscars were breeding often at that time.    
Oscar Pair with eggs

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